1.5. Admin Score

The Admin Score tool is intended to give a very brief overview of how admin-worthy a user is. This tool was originally developed by ScottyWong for use on the English Wikipedia.

1.5.1. Algorithm

AdminScore takes the following factors into account

Activity Multiplier
Account Age (days) 1.25
Edit Count 1.25
Has user page 1
Page Patrols 1
Blocks applied 1.4
Participation in AFDs 1.15
Recent activity (730 days) 0.9
Participation at AIV 1.15
Use of edit summaries 0.8
Namespaces 1
Pages Created (live) 1.4
Pages Created (deleted) 1.4
Participation at RFPP 1.15

All factors are capped at 100, making a total possible admin score 1300.