Welcome to XTools!

XTools is a suite of statistics tools for MediaWiki wikis, users, pages, and more, built on the Symfony framework. It is in operation for Wikimedia wikis and can also be installed for any MediaWiki installation.

Quick links:

The tools

Here is a brief overview of all of the tools, with links to more detailed information. See the main menu in the side bar for more.

Edit Counter

Edit Counter provides summary information about a user and their activity on a project, such as the total numbers of certain types of edits; their most-edited pages; what semi-automating tools they’ve used to edit; and lots more. Read more about Edit Counter….

Admin Score

Find out how admin-worthy a user is. Read more about Admin Score….

Admin Stats

Statistics about administrators’ actions. Read more about Admin Stats….

Article Info

Get various statistics about the history of a page. Read more about Article Info….

Auto Edits

Explore the edits made by various semi-automated editing tools, from the point of view of pages or of users. Read more about Auto Edits….


A collection of humourous or insightful quotations about MediaWiki. Read more about Bash….


Information about pages that have been created by a user. Read more about Pages….


RFX Read more about RFX….

RFX Vote

@TODO Read more about RFAVote….

Simple Counter

A simpler but quicker way to view edit counts (than Edit Counter, above). Read more about Simple Counter….

Top Edits

View the pages that a user has edited most often, or all of their edits on one page. Read more about Top Edits….


For more help with XTools, there are several places you can ask:

  • IRC (direct link requires an IRC client) — to chat with the developers and other users.
  • Phabricator — if you’ve found a bug.